Tuesday, April 03, 2007


After school on Saturday was when the good part of the weekend began.
With the pressure of my presentation and exam out of the way I was free to just relax, and relax I did.
I went home after school and packed my suitcase for my FREE overnight stay at the Holiday Inn in Itasca. I won this stay by coming closest in my guess of how many jelly beans were in a jar last Easter at this hotel where we went for Easter brunch.
I had to use the gift certificate before this Easter or it was no good.
I invited my poker group (sister Caryn, her husband Bruce, cousin Fran, her husband Steve, cousin Sue, her husband Rick) to come to the hotel for swimming and cards.
I usually don't drink when we play cards because I am always driving home, so this Saturday I bought a bottle of rum and some Diet Coke.

I left my house after packing my suitcase and went to my knitting class. After class I was on my way to the hotel and checked in by 5pm. I got myself settled, called the card group to let them know what room and poured myself a cocktail. Being that I am not a big drinker I was buzzed by the time they all arrived. Caryn stated when she walked into the room, "it smells like rum in here!" Perhaps that's because I was drinking rum. LOL!!!

We had a great time, ordered pizza for dinner, played cards until 11:00pm and I was the big winner. I guess being a bit tipsy helps in cards.

The next morning my sister Caryn and my friend Bobbi met me for brunch at the hotel and it was very nice. I was a bit hung over but that was to be expected. It was great to spend time with Bobbi and to hear that she has applied for her graduation and has made arrangements to go to graduate school. Rock on Bobbi, you go girl!!!!

Other than the flat tire that Caryn had in the parking lot of the hotel and the good Samaritan that tried to help but couldn't get the tire to come off the car, the morning was quite pleasant. Bruce did get the tire changed later that day and the tire had a locking device that made it impossible for our good Samaritan to change.

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SpAzzGiRL said...

Wow, a little getaway...I'm jealous, even if it was only in Itasca. LOL
Glad you had a good time and I bet that knitting project is coming right along.