Monday, October 27, 2008

What Are You Afraid Of?

On Saturday I took part in a trivia contest at the parish where my Mom, sisters Caryn & Jenny attend church. Our table/group conisisted of 10 players. There were 16 total tables and 10 categories. Suffice it to say that we were not the winners, nor were we the losers. It was a humbling experience and although I did save the questions and answers from this category, it however was the only one in which I did. It is definitely a small world when I looked over at another table to see my fellow J.U.G. (just us girls) Suzi and her husband Jerry. It turns out that Suzi's sister belongs to the parish and she was part of that team. It was alot of fun and I definitely would like to do it next year. At least we have a year to study so that we don't feel so stupid.

Take the test below and I will post the answers tomorrow.

What are you afraid of?
Match the following phobias with their definitions.

1. Noversaphobia --------------------- a. Fear of phobias
2. Geliophobia ----------------------- b. Fear of teenagers
3. Alektorophobia -------------------- c. Fear of your step-mother
4. Coulrophobia ---------------------- d. Fear of chickens
5. Phobophobia ----------------------- e. Fear of puppets
6. Sesquipedalophobia ---------------- f. Fear of going to school
7. Papaphobia ------------------------ g. Fear of long words
8. Pupaphobia ------------------------ h. Fear of the Pope
9. Didaskaleinophobia ---------------- i. Fear of clowns
10. Ephebiphobia --------------------- j. Fear of laughter

Good Luck!!
Don't cheat by using Google, try it yourself.

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