Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying To Gain Some Control

I am VERY stressed and haven't been crafting but did do these cards awhile ago.

Between much too much to do at work and having to work overtime to try and stay afloat. Overtime for which I do not get paid and the fact that my household expenses are more than my income (they just raised my mortgage to get enough in escrow to cover the increase in the property taxes). I will be doing some VERY hard changes in the very near future. I don't want to get a second job but I think that is an option to create more income. The other one is to craft away and try and sell them but that solution is hard when my free time for crafting is spent working.

Enough of that!

I am participating in a group garage sale tomorrow and hopefully I can make a few bucks. I would be happy with enough to fill up my gas tank. $40.00 would be fantastic.

Wish me luck!


SpAzzGiRL said...

I hope you had luck at your garage sale. I hear ya on the stress, we have a lot of that going on over here.

After CHA, I want to talk to you about a possible "job" that pays in crafting like paper! LOL

Take Care!

Michelle said...

I really like the grad cards!