Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Stuff

On Saturday I figured out how to use my Cricut. I realized that it wasn't too hard - ONCE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS, LOL!

I made a small box, small from the aspect that probably only one Hershey kiss will fit into it. Large on the scale of it was the largest setting that my Cricut would take. When I bought this machine more than a year ago, I thought that I had the large machine, well it turns out I have the one that only accepts 6x12" paper. Therefore, my boxes will be one treat wonders.

I also made some more cards to add to the pile that was waiting to be photographed. I have photographed them all and just need to load the camera software onto the new computer and download. Hopefully I will get that done soon and I will post.

Snowed again last night. I am beginning to get tired of it. At least I don't live in DC.

Car is working wonderfully. One of the suggestions from the auto repair place was that I needed new tires. Boy was I surprised to see (I found the receipt) that I bought tires over 45,000 miles ago, which was just about 6 years ago. I guess I really do need tires, along with brakes and a litany of other fun things for the ole'girl. :-)

Have a good Monday!

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