Monday, March 01, 2010

Numbers I Can See

The wonder of technology.

As stated in previous entries, I am participating in Weight Watchers. I am not always a patient person and have pulled the old (at least 20 years) bathroom scale from under my bed to see my progress before meeting day. Well, these more mature eyes have had some trouble with that scale. It has a clock type face with all the small little lines for each pound and between trying to "set" the arm/hand to zero every time I pull it out from it's dust bunny home and trying to read it without bending completely over at the waste told me that it was time for a new scale. I noticed that Kohl's was having a sale and decided that I would go take a look at the new technology in weight measurement.

I have to say that the scales that they had were on sale, YEAH!!!

I decided that I needed a digital read out. One large enough that those pounds would just illuminate and scream to me how much I weigh. I also wanted one with the tenth of a pound increments because that is how I am weighed at W.W.

Now the thing that I found funny was that most of the scales that were in my price range were all glass. I know that many advances have been made with glass but am I the only one that thinks putting a 200+ person on a piece of glass less that 1/4 inch thick could pose a problem? Most of the scales were all The Biggest Loser endorsed so I decided that it must be okay, this glass scale that looks like it could be a chopping board. I stepped on that thin piece of glass and there was no cracking, creaking or breakage. The number screamed up at me and they were much better than I had thought or could see on the old dinosaur scale that this new one replaced. I have set it up in a permanent area in my room and will not be pushing and pulling the new one from underneath my bed.

Does anyone know if I can recycle the old scale? I wonder if I should donate it to the Salvation Army or just toss it away. What are your thoughts?

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