Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AH Spring!

Is it just me but does the world seem larger?

I say this because as the snow melted the alleyways and streets seemed to get wider. The yard became bigger as the snow made way to patches of grass. I know that my dogs feel that there are so many more places to explore. They were very limited to the area that was shoveled for them when the snow was on the ground. They now have the whole yard and patio "to explore" all those smells that they couldn't get to just weeks ago.

I dropped off my first bag at the Salvation Army this morning. I have a 1/2 bag full in my bedroom and will add more to it tonight while watching The Biggest Loser. I have the topmost shelf in my linen closet empty. I can now bring the clean set of sheets that are sitting in a laundry basket in the basement to that nice clean shelf along with the clean mattress pad. Small steps but steps of progress.

Tonight is Weight Watchers and I feel good that I will have a loss, how much I can never accurately predict that number. I hope at least a pound, two would be fantastic.

Here are a couple of cards. Nothing like Spidey Man and the Man of Steel.

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