Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to Normal

So last week here in Chicago it was very springlike, a prelude to the day when spring would officially roll in. Well, no one told spring and when Saturday (3/20) rolled around you would have thought that we were back in February. It was cold, snowy and windy. The snow seemed for the most part to stay off of the sidewalks because of their warmth but it did accumulate on the grass, bushes and trees. I did go out in the mess on Saturday and it was such a harsh change from the day before. Alas, today the sun is shining, the snow has melted and the 50's are expected temp wise.

I had to update my TV/cable/phone bundle as the special rate that I got when I bundled expired. In doing so I got a new cable box that has a dvr. Ooohhhh I am in love. No more icky VHS tapes to record my shows. I can watch one program and record another on a different channel, something that I was unable to do with my previous set-up. The downside, well besides the major dust bunnies hidden behind the TV cabinet and in the TV compartment that had to be cleaned out. The new cable box has a computer type fan in it and it needs air to breathe and stay cool, so that means no stacking the movies and such back next to the TV. Instead I will have to keep the area free and clear which is by all means a better look, but that means I must find new homes for the stuff that was stored next to the TV. Guess that bag for the Salvation Army will get more items into it.

I did my taxes this weekend and I will be getting a refund. Yeah!!! Now I know that a good idea would be to change my exemption and get more money each pay period and not get a refund but I am bad. I like to get this "surprise savings" each spring and I know that I shouldn't let the government keep my money since they don't always spend it the way that I want anyway, LOL but it's like getting a X-mas club payout in the spring, just in time for garden plants and projects around the house. Too bad that this is going toward credit card debt and not for something super fun. Oh well, maybe next year...

I saw the movie "The Bounty Hunter" over the weekend. The movie stars Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler. Wow, he is HOT! I liked this movie but I was told it wasn't getting good reviews. I don't care, I am a sucker for the romantic comedy and this one fit the bill. If you like this type of movie, by all means go see it or if you are frugal,I went to the matinee, you can do the same or wait until it comes out on dvd.

I also participated in my fantasy baseball draft. Out of the ten teams in our league, I believe that I am the only woman. I of course not knowing what I was doing I used my name in my team's name and it is a dead giveaway that I am a girl. Well, the draft went by very quickly because only 4 managers out of the 10 showed up for the draft. The others had "auto-pick" and they did not attend the draft so it went by very quickly. We were done in 1-1/4 hours. I am happy with my team and only made one major faux pas. I drafted someone who is currently injured and will not be playing when the season starts. The prognosis is that he will play this year but it will be a little bit into the season. I guess I drafted a nice bench warmer for the time being. This is my first attempt into any fantasy sport and I thank my nephew Jerry for assisting me before the draft and the morning of the draft. It will be hard now to ask for assistance since he is playing in my league and well, we are rivals so I will be asking my male friends who have played in fantasy leagues for their help.

I got a little bit of crafting done this weekend and will have to take some pictures. In the interim, here are a couple of cards I made a little while back.

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