Monday, March 08, 2010

Got It - Don't Want It

I caught a cold, or I should say, the cold caught me! No one really attempts to catch an illness but that is always the way that it is expressed. Just like losing weight, do your REALLY want to find those pounds that you "lost"?

I have to laugh, my brother Rick who lives with me has had an upper respiratory/flu twice this past winter and has this same cold. I avoided being caught by the flu, but this simple not that horribly sounding cold found it's way through my immune system. I am at the beginning stage (sore throat) and could fall asleep right now at 11:30 am. I even slept through my alarm yesterday morning. An hour of music played and I dreamed right through it. When that happens I know that my body REALLY needed the rest.

Watched some of the Oscars and I am very happy to see that Sandra Bullock won. I didn't see any of the films nominated but I am a fan of Sandra and wanted her to win. I am very bad about seeing movies and often don't see them until they come to cable and sometimes not until they make it to regular TV. When I win the lotto I'll get the house with the big media room and then have "screenings" for all my family and friends. Ah, to dream of the ways to spend lotto money. I guess I have to play if I want to have those dreams. I guess that is one more thing to put on my to-do list.

Hope the germs haven't caught you and that your Monday is going well.

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