Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Recap

Well getting ready for the weekend and tomorrow is a bit busy.

I have vowed that I will get to the health club at least one of the two days this weekend.

I have just been invited to take the place of my sister in a class on how to develop a website. My sister is out of town so I will take her place with her friend Sandy at the class held at a local library.

I am going to participate in my first crop at my local Archiver's store tomorrow night. I hope that it is fun and that I get a lot of crafting accomplished.

Have set up an appointment for Maggie to get groomed in our house. My brother's friend who grooms on site will be coming next week to "do" Maggie's hair. Coincidentally that is the same day that I too will be getting a haircut and dye.

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Michelle said...

oh, them are cute puppies!