Monday, March 15, 2010


I never left the house this weekend. Instead, I stayed home to get well and it worked. I slept and took care of myself and now my cold is gone.

I also finished a book and was both saddened and scared. Normally I love John Grisham's novels. He is one of my favorite authors and I have read just about everything that he has published. It wasn't the writing that I had a problem with it was the storyline. I know that it is only fiction but with the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations and unions to have unlimited ability to make political contributions the whole thing scares me. The book was "The Appeal" and in brief it is about how big business bought a politician and a seat on a state supreme court to vote in favor of big business. Can you now see how even though this book was fiction that it could be something that could happen in real life?

I am now reading Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". This book is very good and even though I only started it late yesterday afternoon, I am almost 75 pages into it. I have not seen either of the movies based on his books yet as I prefer to read the books before seeing the movie. I did that with all the Harry Potter books, all of the John Grisham books and like to make sure that I understand was is happening in the movie as they sometimes for time constraint reasons cut out background information that helps link the story.

I also stamped and cataloged more stamps and brought down more supplies into the craft cellar.

I started cleaning my linen closet. I realized that more than a year ago when I got my new mattress that many of my old sheets will not fit the new mattress. I am finally getting around to either discarding those sheet sets or donating them to the Salvation Army. I have also decided that I need to get rid of some shoes. I have filled one bag and have enough for at least one if not two more, and I have just started.

I will leave you with another card.

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