Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Biggest Loss

No, I am not putting up double digits on the scale at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. No, I am not putting in hours of exercise every day. In fact I haven't even been to the gym yet. But, last night I achieved the highest weight loss so far. I released 3.4 pounds and reached my 5% mark. To date I have released 12 pounds in 10weeks. Having surpassed that first 10 pounds has given me more motivation. My clothes are feeling looser and I have begun to feel much better about myself.

So for all those Biggest Losers on the TV program and those like me who are just plugging away to make a healthier life. Kudos to YOU! And remember if you stumble and have a bad day, pick yourself up, brush off the stumble and keep moving forward!

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Michelle said...

Congratulations! That is excellent!