Monday, September 15, 2008

Yikes Ike!!!!!!

To those that live in the Chicagoland area you know that we had one heck of a weekend.

We had rain from Friday until Sunday. Over 8 inches of rain in my area some of which was in my basement and my yard. The front that hung over us was bad enough but then Ike decided to merge with that front and it was just yucky.

I hate the smell of wet musty basement and will be very happy when the basement airs out. A good cleaning with bleach will do the trick. The other downside to this lovely weekend is that the DesPlaines river which runs between me and work is over-flowing it's banks. There are only three ways for me to get to work. South around O'Hare airport, North around O'Hare airport or the tollway. I never take the tollway because it is always crowded. I much prefer the streets. With the river flooding, the only way to and from work for me is to take the dreaded tollway. So, as I prepare to leave work and go sit in traffic I hope that everyone else had a nice weekend.

Don't get me wrong, my small inconveniences are NOTHING compared to those in Texas or those living right on the rivers here in Illinois who had to evacuate their homes because of the DesPlaines river, or those along the Chicago river. I have running water, electricity a home that I am still living in. No, I am VERY fortunate. Thank goodness it was rain and not snow.

I wonder what the conversion of one inch of rain is to snow?

I'm off to find that out.

Update: According to Wikipedia, approximately 10 to 12 inches of snow equals one inch of rain.
Holy canolli, we would have had about 9 feet of snow in my neighborhood.


Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

Yeah, that was one nasty weekend, wasn't it? Fortunately, I had no flooding inside the house but my property looked more like a lake! Glad it's all over. I feel so badly for all this thatlost everything. It's very sad...

chelemom said...

Are you dried out yet? I sure hope we don't get that kind of rain again! We got water too....not that bad though....