Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Vent & Frosty


That is not a cute take on a pirate but an exasperated vocal display of disgust!

Our term paper was due last night but we didn't hand it in.
Two reasons:
1. The syllabus stated that the paper was due on 12/3 but the data on Blackboard (the student online course forum) stated that it was due on 12/8.
2. 10 minutes before class, I left the room to go to the ladies room and I ran into Tom (one of my goup-mates) whom has not done ANYTHING for the paper. I did the paper on Sunday and had everyone's data EXCEPT Tom's. On Monday, late afternoon I get an e-mail from Tom sent from his iPhone that he would have his data to me the next day (Tuesday). Nothing arrived on Tuesday, nothing yesterday and finally at 3pm I spiral bound the paper and left for class at 4pm. So back to the hallway, as I am walking one way Tom is walking towards me. He stops me, hands me a jump drive and says that his part of the paper is on it and I just have to print it out. He says that he is not coming to class and starts to walk away. I catch up to him and ask how am I supposed to return the jump drive. He says that maybe he'll be in class on Monday. I just stood there dumbfounded. How completely selfish. No nasty phrase can sum up his actions better than SELFISH!

So, today during work I have to find Tom's data on the jump drive. Fit it into our paper. Unbind the paper I did yesterday add his data and rebind.

Okay, enough of the vent!

Just something that I threw together this morning.

The snowman is raised with pop dots.

Enjoy your Thursday

P.S. I MUST put a disclaimer on the card. I did NOT color him. It was a pre-colored image that I cut out and I do not want to take credit for coloring him (thanks Joanne for thinking that I have that much talent).


Joanne said...

Personally, I think that you need to tell him that going forward, you will NOT be able to do that for him again. It IS selfish and unfair of him to expect that of anyone in his group to finish his work and a great inconvienence for you. I'm not always as assertive as I'd like to be but I think that I would has been PO'ed enough that I could have got the words out! As for your card, it's FABULOUS! One of my favorites. I love how you colored that cute guy! Stay warm. (hugs)

i am very mary said...

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