Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good News / Bad News

Yesterday at lunch my co-worker in the acctg department told me that she is quitting. Her last day will be Friday, August 28th. Of course I am very happy for her. She is going to work for the Chicago Public Schools for about the same amount of money she was making before we all had to take a pay cut. She will also get a pension and better benefits. She will also work the same schedule that the teachers work, so that means summers off and two weeks at Christmas...

I am a bit freaked out because I was supposed to take a week of vacation in September and it looks like I may have to cancel since no one else knows how to do any of the acctg work. On the upside for me, in exchange for the additional work that will be dumped on me, I am going to ask for more money. Wish me luck!!!

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