Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I HATE my new haircut!!!!

Let me preface this with the statement that neither the stylist or my sister-in-law are to blame for me hating my hair. In fact, it was my sister-in-law's hairstyle that prompted me to ask where she got her hair done.

I needed to find a more economical place to get my hair done. The place I was going to is perfectly great, except that it no longer fits into my budget. I had been touching up my roots myself, but only in the areas that showed. It had gotten to the point that I needed to have something professionally done because I could only wear my hair in a bun (due to the outgrowth of color in the back).

The REAL reason that I hate my hair is because I chose a style that was so very drastically different from what I have been used to that I am not comfortable with it. I am WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!!! The stylist created what I asked of her but it is so short and thinned out with a gazillion layers that I just don't like it. To me it looks like a hair helmet. I miss the feel of thick hair.

I know that it is only hair and that is one of the reasons why I haven't cried over my mistake or have the desire to make more dramatic changes to try and "fix it". It will grow out, I will find a better style that I will like and will look better. But in the interim I will just have to do the best with the little bit of hair I have left. On the bright side, at least I have a full head of hair and that is always a good thing.


Michelle said...

Oh, Connie, I'm sorry you hate your new look. Personally, I love short, spikey hair, so it probaBLY LOOKS GREAT, BUT NOT MUCH CONSILATION IF you HATE IT. oh, crap, hit caps lock again. sorry.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, I recently let my aunt do my hair and I was so used to have streaks and my natural Brown/Reddish hair colour with my loose curls but she ended up making it ALL black, THICK tight litte curls/crimped and just at my shoulders and I HATE it, I feel like I can't do anything with it and I just hate big thick hair. The black makes my face look WAY younger and I'm not used to it PLUS I don't want to look like I'm nine when people already thought I was twelve(btw I'm fifteen) But point is, it's ok that you don't like it but you need to rock your confidence! Don't let your hair bum you out, it will only make things worse. I just tried to look past the fact that this "great" haircut is proudly display on my head and strut my confidence! Yes I miss my slightly longer, loose curls with streaks but it's only hair and you'll find that with a great smile and a hig attitude you'll feel WAY better anout it. Luck dear :)