Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Down a Few More To Go

Well, the countdown begins, only three more "sleeps" until VEGAS BABY!!!

Got some fantabulous news, there is a SUPER GIANT rubber stamp store in Vegas. Thanks so much to my friend Simone for giving me the scoop. They are only open M-F and Saturday would have fit in perfectly for me to spend hours in the store while the other JUG's did the whole pamper thing at the spa. But alas, that will not work. So instead I figured out how far away the store was from where I am staying and asked my good friend Stacie (who has graciously accepted to house the 9 of us JUG's on this trip) about the easiest and cheapest way to get to the store on Monday and she said that she would drive me!!! Yeah Stacie!!! You see, none of my JUG friends are into crafting so to get one to agree to take me to a craft store and stay and shop is wonderful. I would much rather spend my hard earned money on some good ol' rubber than to lose it playing games in a casino. (Don't get me wrong, the casinos will probably get a small sum of my money). But oh, that $10.00 that would have made it into the hands of say The Flamingo Hilton will now come home with me in the form of a rubber stamp. Yipee!!!!

I have charged my camera and packed the charger so one more item off of the "to pack" list. Just praying for good weather because this girl does NOT like to fly but endures the scariness because I know that it is the fastest way to get to places that I want to see and explore.

I have my appointment with the surgeon. At 9:15 on 5/5 I will meet the doctor who will hopefully rid me with this ache/pain and acid reflux and get the stone filled gall bladder out of my body so that I can go back to feeling normal. Not that I was ever really normal, LOL!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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Julie B. said...

Giant rubber stamp store in Vegas? Do tell! Once I figure out how the heck to access my credit card rewards, I am so splurging on stamps!