Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Year

Well I have neglected the blog for quite awhile and I am going to do my best to update more regularly.

My Christmas and New Year were very nice and very uneventful so that is a good thing.

It is a new year and what would it be without some resolutions or goals or things to do lists....

I am going to call my "changes" new habits

So far I have done pretty well with my new habits

1. Drink only ONE Diet Coke per day. (Day 5, so far so good).
2. Begin purging again (2 garbage bags filled for the Salvation Army from my closet)
3. Save $1.00 per day ($5.00 has been "saved", if by putting it into an envelope in my underwear drawer is saving)
4. Craft something each and every day. (Pretty easy right now since I have a large afghan and a baby afghan in the works right now)
5. Read at least one book per month. Not sure if this one really counts as a NEW habit as it was something I vowed to do after I graduated.
6. Eat more healthful foods and remove some of the unhealthy foods. (Not a diet but I hope the changes will create a diet-like result).

There are a few more new habits that I would like to add (like flossing my teeth every night before bed) but I need to get these 5 down pat and begin to introduce new ones.

So, if you have made resolutions, goals, new ideas, new habits or whatever you wish to call them, take one day at a time and if you mess up one day, well just wake up the next day and start over. Each day that you achieve some success will propel you to keep it up.

The best of the new year to you all!

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Michelle Leigh said...

Great goals. I didn't make a single one (well out loud anyway). I wish I could complete a craft a day. No way would I find a moment to do that. If I did, I'd rather be resting! I barely have energy to pull the camera out and snap a few pics. Good luck keeping up on these!