Thursday, September 09, 2010

I Did Some Crafting

I did some crafting over the weekend in preparation for an upcoming craft fair. I have more pictures but not enough time to upload them right now.

So what is the plural of possum or opossum? Is it possums/opossums or YIKES!!!

Nothing exciting going on except that I have two possums that have decided that they like prowling my yard at dusk. Not happy about this new occurance and I have found out that the city no longer provides trapping. Which means, trapping myself and bringing the captured "friend (take another look at the photo above)" to the forest or paying someone to trap and remove. I am hoping to do the former and save some cash. Unless of course my "friends" decide to give me that lovely grin as seen in the above photo taken from the worldwide web and not a picture of the possums in my yard.

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