Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Trap Remains Empty

I could never have lived in the pioneer days where trapping meant food and clothing.

We have attempted every day now for 5 days to trap a possum and we have had no luck. The closest we came was when the trap was sitting up above the ground and I saw from the second floor bathroom window a possum trying to figure out how to get up and get some of that peanut butter that it smelled. We were successful in trapping a squirrel and I felt so bad for the anguish that it suffered that I put out peanuts for it that afternoon. Maybe there is a smell left from the squirrel in the trap and that is what is keeping the possums away.

Here are the rest of the cards that I made before the craft fair. I did pretty well (I always consider breaking even well). The space was $80 and I made $87. Better than last year!

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Michelle said...

The cookie monster cards are cute!