Monday, June 02, 2008

A Card, Yard Work & Two Friends

I opted to get a manicure, a pedicure and to play in the dirt this weekend because it was soooooo beautiful here in Chicago. I have the sunburn to show for the many hours spent outside. I must say that I HATE weeds, hate this ground cover weed-like plant that grows in my yard. The leaves grow to about a foot tall, easily break off but the roots (similar to a tuber or baby carrot like size with long 2 or 3 inch roots off of the tuber) are a real challenge to get out of the ground. There was a whole herd of these under the three tier planter that I had to dig up with my trusty (insert horn charge sound here) "Claw". The claw is the best yard invention that I have ever invested money in. I just clawed that area and then it was easier, though not easy to get those evil roots up. Hopefully I have cleared that area. After pruning the rose bush in the front I only have one puncture wound from a thorn, for me that is pretty good. Many of my plastic planters and clay pots have seen there last planting. They are all cracked and brittle and I have to dispose of the dirt and put them out for the garbage. I still have some of the plants to plant, hopefully this week after work.

Only one card this weekend. Made with the Itty Bitty X-mas stack that has been used in previous post.

Stampin up "Riveting" stamp set in Old Olive in.

A few years ago I saw this three tier planter and asked my brother Rick to make me one. The stair like red base is made from pvc plumbing pipe. I just bought the planters, he made it to size and it was spray painted red. I have a tendency to always plant red and white flowers in this planter and true to form, there are red and white petunias planted this year.

The daisies have begun to bloom and here are some of the pots that I planted yesterday.

I thought that I had lost my hollyhock, but it looks like it just took a bit to get started. The cool weather here didn't help.

The peonies have large round buds, pretty soon they will be blooming.

Just like kids, when it was time to work out in the yard, these two wanted to stay and rest in the house. Ahhhh, the life!

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Deb said...

Those X-Mas cards are too cute. Love your flowers and sounds like you love gardening. Your dogs are adorable, even if they are lazy. LOL!