Monday, October 12, 2009

Days Like This

It's days like this that I wish I had become a school teacher or a banker. Alas, I work not in those fields and therefore cannot spend my Columbus Day at home. Instead I am catching up on work that often gets pushed to the side because I have to deal with the items that have arrived in the mail.

All of the baby shower invitations are finished and in the mail. All of the stamps used have been cleaned and put back into their SU plastic containers. Of course I haven't put those away in the "craft cellar" yet. That would be WAY TOO ORGANIZED! I have been eyeing my fall stamps and paper and throwing around ideas in my head for some seasonal cards. I have also been looking through some of my holiday paper and have been trying to come up with one or more designs for my Christmas cards. I think that I will be doing a few different versions of Christmas cards based on the supplies that I have. I have plenty of X-mas stacks of 12x12 paper and many many stamps that have never been stamped other than to catalog them for my binder so that I know what I have. I have also been thinking about a New Year's resolution which is to make and have all the birthday cards that I need for family and friends done so that all I have to do is place a stamp on the envelope and put it into the mail. I know that this means super organization but that is what I am striving for after all.

Have to put some effort into getting things done for the upcoming craft fair in November. I have a baby afghan that I want to finish along with a lap afghan, so I had better get a crackin'.

The tree out front is gorgeous. I need to take a picture of it before it is too late. The leaves outside my bedroom window are just fantastic.

So, if you are off and enjoying the holiday, well have fun because I am hard at work.
If you are not off but at work like me, well then I hope that you are able to be productive today.

Have a good Monday!

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