Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Just A Job...

Today I had a bit of an adventure. I had to go downtown to straighten out some business license stuff with the City of Chicago. This of course is not for my business but for the company for which I work. It was odd to not leave the house at my usual time and yet it had a completely different feel from a vacation or weekend day. I went downstairs when I woke up and logged into my computer here at work and did a few things before going back upstairs to get ready for work.

My brother dropped me off at the El station closest to my house so that I wouldn't have to walk the 2 miles. Not that I shouldn't have used this as a reason to get my rear in gear and exercise. I was lazy and it's kinda cold out so I went the way of convenience instead. It's been awhile since I rode the El and I was surprised that a one way trip/ride is $2.25. Still cheaper than driving down and parking. After some help from some nice fellow riders I used the vending machine for my ticket and with the help of a C.T.A. employee figured out how to insert it into the turn style. Why is it that I can so very easily do this procedure at Walt Disney World with no problems but felt like a complete dork today at the mass transit turn style? The ride was interesting to see the work that is being done on buildings and roads and the only thing that I should have brought with me was my iPod so that I could have listened to some tunes. Once downtown I felt a bit confused until I located Daley Plaza and then City Hall. The people (police officers and security) from whom I asked directions were very helpful and kind. Not that I thought that they wouldn't be but it was great to know that if I was a visitor that people in my city are nice and kind. After going to a few different departments and getting an escort by a very nice man (he called me young lady - I guess it paid off that I just dyed the gray out of my hair over the weekend, lol)that I met in the elevator I was finally able to resolve the business that sent me on my adventure. Back on the El, home and then out to the office in the suburbs. I can now say, that it's not just a job, but an adventure.

I will have a picture of the card I made this morning posted tomorrow. Have a good Tuesday!

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