Monday, January 25, 2010

The Expense of Thin

I haven't made anything new so I will just put a random thought out into cyberspace.

It costs more money to be thin.

Or should I rephrase that to say that the road to getting thin is an expensive one.

If you use a diet aid program (in my case Weight Watchers) then you have the expense of that program. On top of that there is the healthier food that many if not all of the programs want you to eat. Whether it be their food or food you purchase at the grocery store, the healthier food at this time of year is more expensive in the city where I live. If you go the pre-packaged frozen route to dieting then you know there is an expense to that. Factor in that the weather is not that condusive to free exercise outdoors unless you like the cold weather you may have the cost of a gym membership or the gas to get you somewhere where you can excercise indoors. Or if you do your workouts at home it may be the cost of an exercise tape.

Even though I complain about costs now, the alternative is the high cost of fixing your health after something happens. So, I continue on in my quest to be lighter. Hopefully as the year progresses and fresh produce becomes cheaper it won't be so bad. I will also need less to fuel my thinner body.

If you are on the quest to a thinner new you, then hang in there. Thin tastes better than anything you may want to eat.

Have a great Monday!

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Greta Adams said...

yep but worth it in the end