Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weight Watchers Recap

Yikers! It's one thing when you get on your scale at home and look at the number. It's another when you get on a scale and someone tells you what the number is. Hearing my weight hit harder than seeing it written down on a piece of paper. Right now I could easily be on The Biggest Loser as some of the women weigh around what I do and that is just NOT acceptable!

I did see one face that was familiar. A worker at the Archiver's that I visit was at the meeting along with a person that I am pretty sure that I sung in a choir with about 20 years ago. I was going to talk to her after the meeting but she bolted out of the room and I had to stay with all the other "newbies" and learn how the program works. There are a few changes since I last attended many many moons ago.

There was a married couple in the "newbie" group that I had to wonder, what are they doing at Weight Watchers? The woman was fit and toned and just a smidge of a thing and her husband had a mini gut but that was it! If she has to lose 10 lbs I'll be amazed, him, maybe 15 and that's it. It will be interesting to see their progress. A girl at the table where I was sitting reached her 10% goal and she got a key chain. All in all it was good and the meeting only lasted about 20 minutes. Start to finish with the weigh in, the meeting and the after meeting was about one hour.

I don't have any new cards so here are some pictures of a gift package that I created along with pictures of Christmas morning with my babies. Have a good Wednesday!

This is a gift package that I put together for my co-worker Sharon. I just love when I have the paper and the ribbon that match in my stash.

"I was a good girl, right?"

"Please, please can we open our presents from Santa-Dog?"

Maggie on Christmas morning after the "Santa-Dog" left her and Gidget some new toys.

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Greta Adams said...

weight watchers was the easiest thing...and i am back on it...i need to shed the 20 pounds i gained back because i decided i was going to just eat what i wanted...YIKES!! back 4 years ago i lost almost 50 pounds on can do it...keep at it girl....