Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Despise Those That Don't Read The Signs

So, over the weekend I was at a local McDonald's going through the drive thru for my iced tea. This particular McDonald's has the drive through lane right next to a parking lane. There is a NO RIGHT TURN sign posted at the end of this lane of parking. The type with the right turn symbol with the large red circle with a slash through it. Nothing to read language wise. Well, like most everyone else I pass that lane and go down the next one and come around and get into the drive thru lane. Well, in the time it took me to go around and enter the drive thru lane properly, there was one driver that decided that "the sign" DID NOT apply to them. So, because people like this REALLY get under my skin I didn't allow the driver into the drive thru lane in front of me. So, because this lane is truly a one way they had their car sitting out sideways blocking traffic because they didn't want to take the time to "do it right". I was assailed with a barrage of "you are an effin' byotch, fat pig....". Having been raised to turn the other cheek I probably should have done that, but the older that I get the more that these type of things bother me. Today it's sneak in line the wrong way. Tomorrow it's cheat someone out of this, the next it's something else. What happened to common courtesy and following the rules?

What would you have done?
Stood your ground like I did or let the person cut in line?

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Grace Matthews said...

I would have blocked them off too. I probably would have given them the finger as well, but that's just me.