Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Creatures in My Yard

I have not seen the hawk but both my brother and neighbor have seen it. Yup, as if possums weren't enough for a small city yard, I now have a hawk. This creature according to my brother has a wing span larger than 3 feet. Apparently he/she has taken a liking to feeding on the small birds and squirrels who come to my yard for food. I have looked online and the best way to deter this bird of prey is to remove all bird feeders and squirrel feeders until the hawk has determined that it's food supply is gone and it will move on to greener pastures. Where was this large eating machine when the possums were around? Well, now that I think of it, I haven't seen a possum in about a month. Yikers, could this hawk really be feasting at my small yard's table on possums, birds and squirrels?

More than the safety of the small birds and squirrels, I have to make sure this hawk finds somewhere else to hunt because I don't want my two small dogs to become dinner for this hawk.

Who says that the country folk have all the fun?


Michelle said...

wow. You DO live in Chicago, right? Not out in the country? LOL!

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting me, Connie. I see you are as active with blogging as me! LOL! Hope all is well.