Friday, July 06, 2007

I Figured Out How To Post Pictures

Here are my girls. As you can see they have a very rough life. The black lab is Miss Harley and the chihuahua is Gidget. This is NOT a posed picture. Gidget sleeps on top of Harley all the time.


SpAzzGiRL said...!!!
Holy cannoli, what a suprise this morning.
We had fireworks going off forever too and I don't see the appeal with loud either, what's the point??
Max's poor dog hid in the bathroom all night and didn't want to go outside even the next day.

elizabeth said...

thank ya sooo much for stopping by the blog-a-roni and leaving a comment.

and now that you got the pic thing figured out, you can snap some pics of all the wonderful goodies you find at your thrift store so i can turn green with envy :)

april said...

they are so cute connie!!!!

Michelle said...

Great photo. I thought it was a cat with harley but i see it is a small dog.