Thursday, July 05, 2007

Those Damn Kids

I must be getting old or perhaps I'm just normal.

To celebrate the birthday of our great nation my neighbors had a 1/4 stick of TNT off.

Yep, the group across the street in the front would set off a 1/4 stick and then the group across the alley would respond in kind.

It was our own little glimpse into the Iraq war.

The across the street crowd was much more annoying because along with their giant booms was the excessively LOUD music. That lovely group wanted to share their musical tastes with the whole block and put their stereo speaker in the window to help us all hear the songs. My house was completely closed with the air on and the music was so loud you would have thought that I had the radio on in my room. Most of this wonderful TNT off was after 10pm. The cops had been there and for about 15 minutes things were quieter but then it just started all over again. Along with the music was the great ability for us to hear our neighbor too. He had a Mr. Microphone type set up and would talk to his friends (standing maybe 10 feet from him) through his cool Mr. Microphone set up. At one time, about 12:15am he proceeded to ask his friends "Hey Mother F--kers, how many more fireworks do we have?"

My poor girl Gidget was just freaked out beyond words. She spent the entire night huddled in her little house trembling. Miss Harley fared better, but even she was getting agitated after 4 hours of 1/4 stick fun.

What is the appeal to just a loud BOOM?

I understand the bottle rockets, firecrackers, the sparklers and other display fireworks, but the BIG BOOM thing is beyond my comprehension.

I must be getting old!

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