Monday, July 23, 2007


I enjoy Jimmy Buffet music.

I like an outdoor concert.

I had a hard time enjoying this past weekend's Jimmy Buffet concert out in Tinley Park.

The venue clearly sold WAY TOO MANY lawn seats.

Once the concert started you pretty much were forced to stand because the throng of people made it impossible to sit back down on your blanket. In fact I ended up leaving the blanket that I brought because it was so disgusting and trampled.

However, the clincher was this scene.
A couple (late 30's early 40's)who came and stood in front of us right as the concert began, blocking the jumbo-tron and forcing us to stand in order to see anything, did something that grossed us out and was for sure the clincher for us to leave early.

The man stood behind his wife, and while she was holding his shirt, he pissed into his empty beer cup. When he was done, he set the cup down on the ground and let it tip over letting his urine leak onto the ground.


How hard would it have been to go done to the washroom?

I had a jumbo margarita and had to go to the bathroom, and like what I believe to be the normal action, I walked down to the bathroom and came back up to the lawn. Not so convenient but kinder to my fellow lawn-mates.

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SpAzzGiRL said...

Was at a Dave Matthews concert at Soldier Field once and a 20 something guy pissed in his cup right behind us...totally gross, but he was too drunk to even care!