Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting Dirty

I have been busy playing in the dirt as that along with crafting are my means of relaxation. I have two cards in the works but they are not finished. Maybe tonight. So instead of paper crafty fun I leave you with the fruits of my labor so far in the yard.

Here are some of the double petal petunias. I am working around to getting some of my smaller containers planted. Yikes, look at that giant weed. I hate when they have those spikes on the leaves. I will have to get that nasty boy out of there before is gets any bigger.

This bed is mainly filled with wildflower daisies. Recently they have spread their seeds everywhere but back inside the bed. I fortified with two new daisy plants and hope to cultivate some of the plants that have begun to sprout outside of the bed back inside.

Used an old hanging basket from last year and added some of the double petal petunias.

I picked up two varigated petunia hanging baskets on Sunday while at Home Depot. The remaining hanging baskets I will plant myself and will not look as spectacular as these for a few months.

The rose bush is beginning to sprout some leaves and the lavender is beginning to look alive.

Two pink tulips came back from last year, yeah!!!

This area is where the construction will take place. The peonies will be saved and the space will be a bit narrower but eventually the remaining area will become my veggie garden.

Here are two views of the east side raised bed. The forefront is where the lilies are beginning to sprout. Mixed in are a couple of irises. There is a foxglove and a bleeding heart.

Here are the containers that surround my patio. I have two types of canna, snapdragons, martha washington geraniums and double petal petunias, carnations and some daisies.

Three new containers to put my cherry tomato, regular tomato and green pepper plants. I don't think that the area near the shed by the peonies will be ready for awhile and I would like to have a harvest this summer so I am trying my hand at container gardening.

The shady area on the north side of the house (back of my house) has even had it's perennials sprouting.

The lilac bush in the front of my house is blooming. I just LOVE that scent.


Rita said...

Your doing a fantastic job on your yard! I like all those Mickey's!!! Gorgeous flowers, my favorite is tulips & Cala Lilies. We planted the tulips last year maybe I can talk hubby into getting the lilies this year!

Flossie's Follies said...

Doing a fantastic job.

Diane said...

Oh wow! Your yard is beautiful,I can just imagine when it's all in bloom!!! Gardening is so relaxing,
you are so right!!!