Thursday, May 08, 2008

Working Like a Whirlwind

My sister Cindy is coming in from CA next week (5/15) for her son's college graduation. For those of you who do not know Cindy, she is much like my sister Caryn. These two are "clutter-free" personalities, whereas my sister Jenny and I are more alike, "organized clutter & chaos".

Since Cindy recently had extensive back surgery and because I only have a two bedroom house (our brother Rick lives in my other bedroom) Cindy will be using my room while she stays with me.

My frantic concern:
My bedroom was my sole source of craft storage for all of my crafting venues. It has been less than a year that I carved out a crafty place for myself down in the basement. I have been s-l-o-w-l-y working on getting things in the basement purged and into new homes and organizing the stuff that is down there. I have been making "homes" for all of my crafting supplies and will not take something down to the craft cellar until I have a place for it. I am making progress and some order has been produced (example: rolling plastic 4 drawer cart to hold all paper punches).

So it is my goal to get my room in order so that my sister does not have a breakdown when she comes to stay with me. I have one week and the minutes are ticking. This is the challenge and by George (that's an odd saying, I wonder what it means and how it was started? Something to Google later on) I will get the room in order. If nothing else I need to get the vacuum up there and tame the herds of dust bunnies that are currently running amok. (I wonder if that is spelled correctly?)

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oceansidecindy said...

Yes, I am the older sister and less cluttered, but I too am building a black hole since my son Mike moved in and we had to empty out a bedroom for him to live in. I have yet to find a place to put all the stuff that was in that room and closet. Organizing for Connie will be relaxing for me. Can't wait to get to Chicago so I can have Joe's Pizza, and a burger at Hackney's. Just trying to figure out who I will be able to visit with during my stay.