Monday, May 19, 2008

How Do You Spell Doofus????

You spell doofus: C - O - N - N - I - E

Yep, how do you go to a once in a lifetime event (the graduation) and not have your digital camera charged up to full power? Well, if you are me, the doofus then you go to the graduation with only two bars on battery life and have to censure your picture taking so that you get that one "money shot" of the graduate.

Here is a picture outside of the auditorium right before the graduation ceremony.
My brother Bob, Brian the college graduate, Colleen, my sister-in-law, Nickie, Brian's significant other and my sister Cindy. The front row is Hannah and Zaine, Brian's two children.

The money shot!
Here is the college graduate, Brian.
He earned the degree, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.
Brian graduated with honors.

I thought these pots were sooooo cute and they were ON SALE!!!!

This is the first year that I have seen these Martha Washington geranium's.

Daisies are so cute!

I just love carnations!

The dwarf irises have bloomed and I am amazed at the way they multiply each year. This group stared out as five plants.

Fuchsia Calla lilies (spelling?)

The new irises have bloomed and the rose bush is filling in quite well.

The hollyhock have begun to show some life.

I am not sure of the name of these small flowers but I love the bright blue color.

The dwarf canna has it's first bloom.


Michelle said...

What a great picture of the graduate!

Diane said...

Great pics, LOVE all those flowers!
I wish I had a yard to play with,I
live in a building apt so very few outside flowers for me.
But I'll try to put some at our camp,but then again we're not there all week,so I don't want them to die either.Any suggestions of flowers that would last if it doesn't rain?

Crafty Connie said...

Petunias and geraniums are pretty hearty flowers. I have found that they can withstand me being lazy and not watering them regularly.

chelemom said...

You are too funny!!! Isn't it great that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up?! Hey told Simone that maybe this summer we can all meet up for lunch, some shopping....

Deb said...

What a cute picture of your family, priceless!

You kill me, congrats to Brian!

You're flowers are beautiful, can't wait for it to warm up here and stop getting frost!