Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Finally Got the Answer

So recently I have been telling you how my brother Rick (who lives with me) has been extra special handy and doing a ton of projects around the house (paint the garage and shed, line up patio blocks from house to garage to look like one long sidewalk, weeding, and the most recent patio expansion).

All this time I thought it was because he was going to have some kick ass BBQ while I was gone last weekend. I came home to the house and yard looking just about the same, with the exception of him painting the door jams on the kitchen doorway and the side door exit doorway.

Yesterday, I came home from work and opened up the side door to be hit with the smell of bleach and clean. To me clean has the smell of bleach and ammonia. Of course never used together because I think those two smells make smoke and burn your lungs.

Anyhoo I digress. The bathroom was scrubbed down. He purchased a new bath mat and shower curtain liner. The kitchen was shiny and clean, the living room and dining rooms had been vacuumed. So I ask him, hey thanks for cleaning, what's up? Are you bringing that guy from England back to the house tomorrow before you take him to the train station? (Sidebar: Rick is going on a trip down to NC. Many bikers from all across the country and England are all going down to the same area. This guy from England whom Rick met about 6 months ago when he came to the states with his wife on vacation. Rick ran to the airport to meet him and his wife because unbeknownst to me Rick had invited the man to sleep overnight at our house. I do not recall this arrangement. I was with the understanding that he was flying into Chicago, Rick was to pick him up at the airport, show him Lake Shore Drive, the "Bean", Buckingham Fountain.... the sites of Chicago and then put him on a train at Union Station to go down to St. Louis where he was meeting another biker from whom he was borrowing a bike for the trip to NC).
Turns out that this scenario had changed and I either forgot, wasn't listening when he told me or he never told me. Well, all of the above will happen tomorrow, after Mr. England stays overnight with us and we host a BBQ for him to meet the local guys who are going on the trip and for those who can't make the trip this year.

Sooooo, there is both an upside and a downside to this story. The TOTAL UPSIDE is that my yard is kickin' some butt and looking quite nice. The house is clean and with just a little tweaking will be all set for my poker party to be held when Rick is gone on vacation. With all those items done I will be able to do some SERIOUS crafting. I may even bring out the ol' sewing machine and make something, what I don't know but the wheels in my brain can now do some turning and come up with a project. The bummer Downside to this story is that there will be a stranger sleeping on my couch or in Rick's room. I will have to be super quiet in the morning when I get up and get ready for work.

I sure do hope that he has a cool British accent, one that makes you just want to kick back and listen to him read the phone book. If he doesn't have a cool accent I'll be very bummed out.


Deanna said...

Can we clone him? LOL

oceansidecindy said...

I think it is about time that Rick comes and lives with Bruce and I. It would be fantastic to have that kind of help around here. I even have a totally fresh painted spare bedroom he could call his own. One by one I will get my family out to sunny southern California.

Michelle said...

I wouldn't mind if the whole country was sleeping over at my house so long as it was cleaned like that! LOL!