Monday, July 07, 2008

A Totally Freaky Thing

For those of you who have been reading this blog, you are aware that I "have put myself out there" on four online dating sites. For the most part there are a variety of people from all walks of life and who come in all different shapes and sizes.

Recently I had a total freak out when I opened up one of the dating sites to find my matches. Now I must put a disclaimer on this site. This is the site that brought me the man that I actually met for lunch before going on vacation. (Update on that later). My profile is normal (I had to go check). So without any further explanation I will write down the information as it appeared on the site.

Are You Looking for Someone Really Different?

Hi, my name is Lorelei and I am a CD/TV. If you don't know what those initials mean, then I am probably not for you. I am a male who likes to crossdress and go out to accepting clubs and restaurants. I love to do karaoke, even if I don't have a great voice. I am looking for someone who will accept me in male mode or female mode, who is willing to go out with me when I am dressed up and to be with friends who have similar tastes. You don't have to like to sing at karaoke, but you must like to come with me and listen...if you do sing that would be a bonus. I am very affectionate in both modes and expect my partner to be the same way. If you are non-judgemental and willing to try something just a little different, you might find it is lots of fun.

There were five photos attached. One of him dressed as a male and four of him dressed like a woman.

I found that I AM JUDGEMENTAL. The freaky-ness of that just gave me the heebie jeebies. I took pictures of his photos as they appeared on the computer screen to show my family. Some have thought that I should meet him/her so that I could have a good story to tell. Sorry readers, you will just have to live with my currently boring stories and forget about the titillating (pun intended)cross-dresser story.

If I thought that I could post his pictures from my camera without getting into some kind of trouble I would.

I guess the best way to sum up the experience:
Different strokes for different folks.


Deb said...

You crack me right up!! These stories are too funny, but it saddens me that this is the type of responses you get. I hope you will meet someone really fantastic very soon!! In the meanwhile it is very entertaining!!

oceansidecindy said...

Cross Dressing Transvestite*!!!!!!
Oh Connie if I was in Chicago I would go with you for support. He probably is a very nice man with a few issues. Maybe he grew up in a family of females and thought it's better to join them than to fight them................
Your big sis
*PS When I googled transvestite to check the spelling there was a list of stores for their shopping sizes and needs.

Michelle said...

Well, at least he was very honest. Not for you, though.