Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Stuff

I don't know about anyone else who's crafty, but do you ever get a vision of a certain way that you want a card or a layout to be and know that you have all of the elements to make it that way but you just can't put your fingers on the stuff when you need it? Or, is that my problem because I am not that organized? Well, I am working on a birthday (belated of course) card for my great nephew but need a specific patterned paper to make it like I envisioned it. So, in the meantime I leave you with pics of my kids, my flowers and the project that is going on in the backyard. Hope you enjoy!

Just sharing a chew with my friend.

What.....I'm NOT spoiled!!!

Last year I planted three hollyhock plants. They grew about three feet and never bloomed. This year I know that one for sure did not make it through the winter. They or it (one or two) are growing like crazy. Well, I was VERY excited to see my very first hollyhock bloom. I can see that there are more just waiting to shout out their beauty and I think that one of the blooms will be a red hue.

When I bought this canna this year I thought based on the color of the leaves that the blooms were going to be red. You can imagine my surprise to see these brilliant orange blooms. Lovin' em!

So, my brother Rick (who lives with me) has taken on another large backyard project this summer. He has already completed the painting of the garage and shed. He has been doing general cleaning of the yard and garage but this undertaking is quite large. He is expanding our patio area. I forgot to take pictures before this stage, yes it was WAY worse than now. These are the last two days (see date on pic) of his progress. I will remember to take pictures tonight. I wish I had the money for a new concrete patio but alas some of my income tax money is going for new gutters. WOOOO HOOOO, it's not every day that you can get brand spanking new white, don't have to paint gutters.

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