Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Kick off to Summer

Well the Memorial Day weekend has passed and we can now officially where white (not that I believe that rule). I had a good weekend. Rode my bike to the local stamp store (about 1 mile each way) and attended their "garage sale". Got a couple of used stamps and the special during the hour when I was there was buy one 12x12 patterned paper sheet and get one free. I bought the patterned paper featured in the card below. How perfect that I had a stamp that matches it very well. Thank goodness that I took the time to catalogue all of my SU stamp sets because it was very easy to flip through my binder and find a good stamp to go with the paper.

Later on Saturday I spent the afternoon and early evening floating and chatting in my friend's pool. Nothing like relaxing in the sun with good friends. We were supposed to go see the new Sex In the City movie but chose staying in the pool instead. I figure I can always see the movie when the weather is bad.

Sunday I did a little purging (cleaned out a drawer and started a bag for Salvation Army) and some playing in the garden. Almost have everything planted and then it is on to other outside projects. The strawberries that we planted are beginning to get little strawberry buds on them. Sure do hope that we have a bumper crop, lol. As much of a crop that you can get from nine plants growing in a topsy turvy, lol!!!!

It rained on Monday so I spent 5 hours working and trying to make a dent in the workload that piled up while I was out on vacation (Vegas) and my surgery (gall bladder). Monday marked 3 weeks since the surgery and I hope to get to the gym this weekend as it will be just about 4 weeks. I feel great and everything on the outside has healed so it is time to get started on exercise and test out the insides. No weights but I need to do some cardio.

Should get back to work, just wanted to post the card and a small update.

Did you have a good weekend?

Thanks for the comment Ann on the previous post. I hope that you enjoyed the flower pictures and when the next group blooms I'll post more.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!

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