Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Hello and happy Tuesday.
I hope that everyone had a great weekend.
I had a ton of fun.
Friday was our company outing to unveil the new company logo. I had to stay at the office to wait for the mail carrier to bring the mail and then make our bank deposit so I missed some of the fun.
After that party I went to the racetrack to help my friend Bubbles celebrate joining the 50 year old club. So nice to have another member.
Had some luck playing the ponies and had a really great time.

Saturday I went to the health club and worked out. It was both fun and a lot of hard work. It felt good to get sweaty and lift some weights. Oh how I wish I had a gym in my house because that would make it sooooo much easier. LOL!!! I probably would find an excuse not to go to my home gym too.

Sunday I spent doing chores and laundry and a little bit of organizing. I have another bag to go to the Salvation Army so I am making some purging progress.

Does anyone else like the show "Drop Dead Diva"? The second season just started up and I made the card below for my great nephew who graduated from 8th grade while watching that show. I know the card is a smidge late but I knew I had those embellishments it was just that I had to "find" them in the black hole of my crafting supplies. Each step I make to getting organized will help to eliminate the problem of "finding" things that I know I have.
I could just be more organized in whole and I would have had the card made months before I needed it. OH, to be that good!!! If that ever happened I would have to change my name to Martha (as in Stewart) LOL!!!!!

Have a great day!!!

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Michelle said...

This card is great! LOVE black and white always, and I really like the layout of this card...I love paper layering.