Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recap and A Card

Just an update and some observations.

Do you remember the unity that we Americans shared after the tragedy of 9/11?
Do you remember that we all were respectful of our fellow man and didn't act like jerks to one another?
I have been noticing lately that people are acting like real buffoons while driving, while in line.
There are however those that are kind and considerate but they are becoming far and few between.
Do we really need a tragedy to act civil to each other?

Okay, I am off my soapbox.

Saturday I learned how to paper quill. What a fun thing to do with paper. Of course because I don't own the nifty guide that we used in class the items I made at home were not all uniform. But it was nice to make a project and learn the technique.

Sunday I went to a Cubs game and it was the best!
The Cubs won, the weather was fantastic, the seats were GREAT and I had my first experience taking the Skokie Swift and Red Line to the park. It made the travel part of it so much easier and so much cheaper.

I forgot my camera at home and hope the weather will clear (rain) so that I can take some pictures of the new flowers that are blooming in my yard. I also have another card to showcase so I will need to remember to put my camera in my briefcase.

In the interim here is a card that I made over the weekend.

Have a great Wednesday!

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