Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year


I have already broken a New Year's resolution to blog everyday!
In my defense I was busy taking down the Christmas tree and moving the furniture back to the normal locations so that I wouldn't have to do it this weekend.

Brief recap:
My vacation was WONDERFUL!!!
I have many digital pictures and 4 rolls of regular film.

Christmas was quiet and very nice full of family and good food.

Saturday was the first wedding of one of the offspring of a J.U.G. (Just Us Girls). Bubbles' son Joe got married and the wedding was a blast. I danced SOOOOO much that I have blisters on the balls of my feet. I didn't want to take off the high heeled shoes I was wearing for fear that I wouldn't be able to put them back on. When I got home that night my left foot was bloody from where the blister popped and the right foot had a nice quarter sized blister. Needless to say, Sunday was spent off my feet, lol!!! The fun was well worth the pain. The other thing that totally made my night, weekend, oh crap, my whole week was someone told me at the wedding that I looked like Lauren Graham. Jeez, talk about flying high. I would like to say that he was drunk but it was the beginning of the wedding and he, his wife and myself were all in line at the bar for our first drink. I don't see it but it certainly made me feel good that night.

New Year's eve was uneventful. Was able to move around so I did some shopping and then home for a good dinner of steak with all the trimmings.

Lastly, New Year's day was the whole taking down the tree. It was my intention to get downstairs to the computer and keep my resolution so I will have to just make sure that I keep it for the remainder of the year.

I promise to download a pic of the card I did for the wedding and some vacation pictures either later tonight or tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Happy new Year, Connie!
Thank you SO much for the thoughtful gift!

Michelle said...

Connie, I lost your email! Can you email me? Thanks!