Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reality TV

I promise to post pictures of the RAK that I sent out on Tuesday. The recipient should have it today and I feel safe posting what I sent later today.

In the interim I want to know if anyone else digs reality tv like me.

In particular (since it was just on last night) Project Runway.

What's with Rickie?
Why is he always crying?
He cries when he's under pressure.
He cries when he's sad and thinks he's not good enough.
He cried last night because he WON!!!

Jillian seems to be my favorite along with Rahmy (sp?) so far.
Christian puts out new ideas and I like his clothes, but I don't care for his attitude.
Sweet Pea is soooo nice but I'm not sure she has it in her to win it all.

Anybody else out there watch this or another one of the reality fare?
Leave a comment and let's dish.

1 comment:

huntla1 said...

Clearly we are the only two that watch Project Runway. Rickie does cry a LOT! Christian annoys me. You are right about Sweet Pea. Jillian needs to get herself together and pick up her speed -- I worry every week that she won't get whatever she's working on completed. I love to watch the challenges and how they all interpret them. I can't imagine coming up with an idea like that, buying random fabric and embellishments, and completing an outfit in the time frame involved. The drama is always great to watch!