Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Mini Rant

I have nothing to show today because if I post my "creation" then the recipient might see it before they should and that would not be right.

Instead I just have a mini rant inside that I must get off of my chest.

Living in Chicago most of my life (the nice stint down in Florida for some of my schooling was a treat)I have come to deal with snow. Unless the snow is measuring in feet and the crews have not been out to clear the streets, there is no reason to stay at home when you are expected somewhere. Specifically work. I just do not understand the people that when there is more than an inch of snow believe that they cannot navigate the roads and get to work. The person of whom I speak grew up in Pennsylvania, a snow state! The vehicle is dependable and working, the drive is under 50 miles. Why would you put additional pressure on your co-workers because you want to stay home? I just don't understand people. I just get aggravated because as the manager of this department it gets under my skin when the good workers constantly have to keep things running smoothly when the icky ones are being icky. Enough of that!!!

Sorry for the rant!

On the bright side, the sun is shining on the newly fallen snow and it is a winter wonderland.

My chihuahua Gidget even had fun playing in the snow, even if it was for only a minute or two before her poor belly got all wet and cold.

I also want to admit that I have a problem, not just the one mentioned in the rant above. I am a craft supply hoarder! I recently invested in a SU ink pad holder. When I assembled it and saw how many spaces for ink pads there were I never thought I would ever fill them all up. This morning before work I went down to my craft cellar and began to put away the ink pads. To my amazement and horror, I filled up the entire thing!!! I have to buy the extender. YIKERS!!! Once I straighten out a few things I will post a picture of my craft cellar and the hoards of supplies.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday and that if you have to navigate the snow that you are safe.


SpAzzGiRL said...

Her again?!! Sheesh!
Even I'm at work and I dug my car out after the plow went through and really don't have to come to the office. That was just a dusting, less than 5 inches is nuthin'!!
Want a rant...don't you think employers should maybe shovel or plow so you can get to the office door...morons!

Crafty Connie said...

Oh Simone, YES you should not have to schlump your way to the door.

Michelle said...

I am also amazed at how often the school buses are cancelled. I NEVER got this many snow days! Plus, if the buses were cancelled, so what, my mom would drive me to school! Snow happens every year people! Don't get surprised!
I love the SU ink holder. Wow, you have more ink than me, cause I still have spots for 3 more ink pads before I have to buy the extender!

Crafty Connie said...

I never had the problem with a school bus because my bus to school was the ol' C.T.A. (Chicago Public Transit). They ALWAYS ran, late but they got you to school.

Jan Scholl said...

my hubby had a 2 1/2 hour drive today-normally an hour. he has never missed work-once even taking 4 hours to go the hour distance. and then come back after working 12 hours-even after I tell him to get a motel room.

sometimes-people have no work ethic and others have too much.

Crafty Connie said...

Jan, I could use your husband and Simone on my team!

oceansidecindy said...

I am so with all of you regarding making it to work no matter what. I am amazed at the excuses we get from the 20 somethings. How many times can your grandmother die? How many times did your alarm not go off. One of our managers actually bought an alarm for someone and it still did not go off. Glad I don't have the snow to deal with, but when I did I was always at work...