Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A J.U.G. Reunion

I have been very blessed.
I have a group of women that I am proud to call my life-long friends.
We are very similar in our upbringings and the fact that we attended the same school. Some of us through both grammar and high schools and some just grammar school or high school. As we have grown our paths have taken us out of state or out of the country to live but the bond that holds us together remains strong. We have different opinions on many things and often can have some very heated debates on any number of topics but the strong bond of friendship and love keeps us as a strong group. Ask any of the men that have married into our little group, when the J.U.G.'s (Just Us Girls) get together there is always plenty of food, laughter and often high decibels of chatter. You can tell when we are together that is for sure. Stacie came in for the weekend from Las Vegas (with talk of moving back home to Chicago) and a group of us got together for breakfast Sunday morning. I am sure that I speak for the group when I say that we want you back in town!!! Cindy, Stacie and Sue
Seven of the twelve J.U.G.'s
Cindy and Stacie
Stacie and Mary Anne
Stacie and me (I hate the way I look in pictures but have made the resolution that I am going to take more pictures this year and deal with my fear of photos.)
Bubbles and Stacie
Stacie and Patti
"Chops" and Stacie
Stacie and Rhonda
Bubbles, Rhonda, Stacie, Patti and myself as we were leaving the restaurant.
Stacie and Courtney(a junior J.U.G. and Rhonda's daughter)


Greta said...

good god woman....it is finally freaking nice to put a face with the emails, gossip trash talking about our shows and mail love with the name....

YOU ARE A FREAKING DOLL...and your pictures are NOT BAD!!!
GET OVER IT!!! lmao

Crafty Connie said...

Thanks Greta!! I usually don't have make-up on Sunday was no different.