Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bath Time

I must have been sleeping through the last summer Olympics because while watching last night I saw a competition that I didn't even know was an event.

When did trampoline become a medal awarded event?

I saw the women compete and wow did they get up in the air!!!! YIKERS!!

Maggie received her first full bath from me on Sunday. She really needs her hair cut and I am shopping around for a groomer. She has been getting into these little burrs (sp?) at the forest and I am having to comb them out each night. She was very good during her shampoo with the exception of her face. She doesn't like to get her face wet. The hair dryer did not even phase her which was a great thing. After she was 70% dry I finished with the towel and her brush. She is now a very full fluffy girl, at least until I find a groomer.


Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

She's adorable Connie (and she smells SO much better);-) I am a big time dog lover. Every single one of them!

chelemom said...

Awwwwww ain't she a cutie!!!