Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guess the Cost

School started for me on Monday evening. This should be my last class and then I graduate in December. The class is a must take for all business majors during their last semester at the university. The class is "Strategic Management". The course is taught by a French Canadian professor who seems quite nice. Just like a British accent, her French accent is quite a pleasure to listen to. The classroom on the other hand left ALOT to be desired. They tried to cram 40+ students into a room that only had desks enough for maybe 25 at the very most (I forgot to count the desks). It was hotter than H-ll and quite a nasty experience after about the first 20 minutes of class. I did not recognize one person from any of my other numerous classes which was a bummer since we have to do group presentations and papers for this class. Hopefully our professor has begged and pleaded for a new larger room and we won't have to suffer for a whole semester.

This textbook is soft cover, used (highlighted areas from a previous owner) and one of the better used books.

This is the side view to show the depth of the book. It is approx. 1/2 inch thick.

So, what is your guess, how much was this book at the college bookstore?

Just a different version using the same ingredients as a previously posted card. Gotta keep the table clean some way right?

I got some SU fun yesterday and mounted and stamped a couple of images. I just have to throw some stuff together and make a card. Hopefully soon.


Greta Adams said...

$40.00 is my guess and girl i would be freaking out in a room that small with that many people...i can handle big areas with lots of people but not closed up small spaces...yikes

oceansidecindy said...

My guess for the book is $90.00. If the book were brand new it would have been over $100.00. Let's hope some people drop the class or your teacher gets a bigger room. Good luck, can't wait to fly in for your graduation sis!