Monday, August 11, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

This was a great relaxing weekend. I met 3 of the JUG's (Just Us Girls) for lunch this weekend. Thanks to Bubbles for suggesting a restaurant that I have not been to yet. Along with my state quest I also have a quest to try new restaurants whenever I am going out with my friends. We went to Benihana and I loved the chef and all the things that he did. The little volcano made with onions, the rythmic thing that he did with the salt and pepper shakers and the delicious food. Thanks to Bubbles I was able to combine my leftovers with hers and had a tasty lunch yesterday too. I went back to Bubbles' pool and had a nice float. What at times was a rainy overcast day turned into a very nice day and the sun came out for our pool time.

Yesterday I cranked out 18 cards for my upcoming craft fair. I used a kit that I got on sale at either Micheal's or JoAnn Fabrics. So between doing laundry and watching the Olympics I made, photographed and put in plastic wrappers all of my cards.

I will also be having a give-away very soon. The purge-o-palooza continues and I have moved to my craft supplies. Up for grabs will be paper that does not appeal to me but may be someone else's ooohhhhh or aaaahhhhh. I will figure out the best way to combo this and it will be in an upcoming blog post.

I will leave you with two of the cards that I made yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Love your cards! Do you do your own designs and do you work from scrap kits or just freestyle? Sorry for the questions, but I sO want to step up my card making but have awful problems coordinating papers and patterns. Thanks, Gina