Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today I was going to write about my first day of school, in what should be the last class for my degree. However, after opening this response on one of the dating sites to which I have subscribed I just had to share XXXXXXX with you. I have either "X'd" out his name or ----- his e-mail so that no one would steal him from me. At long last and just as my subscriptions are ending THE ONE has FINALLY arrived. The fact that he lives in New York is NOT a stumbling block!!!! Heck, c'mon, he's SENSUAL!!!
I'll talk about school tomorrow and I'll also take a picture of my textbook and we can play, "guess how much this book cost".

Have a great Tuesday!

What a beauty you are? Your profile caught my eye and i couldn't get you off my head and mind and i decided to say hello but first i must introduce myself. My name is XXXXXXXXXX , I work as an independent contractor (Sit Engineer) . I was married but now a widowed, not in any relationship at the moment. For years now i have been alone in a lonely world of mine and now decided to experience that which i lost when i lost my late wife. A little description about me, I am SENSUAL, Romantic, honest, humble, respectful and caring. Did i mention that I'm lovable too? I love watching movies going out and most of all i love privacy with my woman. I seek a passionate and supportive woman to help in discharging my affair(s). My life has been so quiet after my late wife, soaked with my job and i think its right and time that i move on with life as that she will want of me. If you agree with me that LIFE is a Gift that should be spent well, why not mail me and let's get to know each other better. I intend to re marry but making friends first is the ultimate then we'll see where it leads us. I believe you are here for a purpose too and if so you can send me a private email and response on my email which is as well as my chatting id k ------------@yahoo.com. i am mostly on there at work and home k I'd appreciate if you reply this mail ASAP. and i am online right now.. k am too old for games so i play no games am for real

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