Saturday, March 03, 2007

First Time Back

Today was the first time that I have gone back to the office on a Saturday since "The Intruder" post back in November. I got out of school early, 10:15 instead of 10:45 and I had an appointment to dye those nasty grays at 1:00. So instead of going home from school to only have to go back out for the hair appointment I decided to go to the office. The office is just a few blocks from the hair salon so I figured I would kill two birds, to be productive at work and avoid shopping and spending money which is always a fun pastime for me but I am trying to be a responsible adult.

I was initially freaked out when I first walked in and realized how quiet everything was but I soon got back into my old routine and turned up the music and got some stuff done. I did however leave the office tight and secure when I had to venture out to the ladies room.

So you could say that today I got back up on the horse that threw me and I am not a scaredy cat anymore.

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