Friday, March 16, 2007


Today I am riding my broom!
The reason that I am riding my broom is that I am upset with one of my co-workers.
I do not profess to run the office nor do I hold the esteemed title of "Office Manager", that so called self given title goes to Sharon in my office.
When it is convenient for her to use this title and all she believes it holds she whips it out.
When it conflicts with her schedule or what she wants to do she forgets that she holds this title.

Take yesterday for example.
We were having problems with our network server.
We kept losing our internet connection and once that goes our software which runs through the same box (technical terms and wiring were explained to me by the IT guy but it went in one ear and out the other).
Apparently this box was blown and we needed a new one.
This was discovered last night at 5:30pm.
Guess who was the sucker still in the office with the IT guy.
If you guessed me, ding, ding, ding, you win the prize.

I manage the accounting office and yet here I was until a little after 6pm with the IT guy.
We had no computers from about 2:30 yesterday afternoon and I would have loved to have left early but Sharon decided that she needed to go work out since she couldn't "do anything" without the computer. She left the office at 3:45, the IT guy had not yet arrived and I and another co-worker in my department were the only ones left in the office.

I blame myself for this, I allowed her to sneak out when I was on the phone with Mr. Big asking for his help for a homework problem that I was working on for Saturday's class, but now I am still upset and that is not good. I haven't run into her yet this morning and since I am astride my broom will probably have a few words with her.

I'll let you know whether I stay on the broom and fight this battle or whimp out and just stew all day.

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