Friday, April 10, 2009

I Love Books

Yesterday I finished another book. I made the decision after graduation to begin to read the bookshelf full of books behind my bedroom door. Slowly but surely my plan is in place. I want to read those books, pass them on to others to read and gain that extra space for other storage. Back in my younger days it was my aspiration to acquire all of these books from various book clubs because one day I was going to live in a large house with a library room. Well, I am fortunate to have a house of my own but it doesn't have that library room and quite frankly, my bedroom is currently the library, the craft room, the music room and the bedroom and I would like to get it down to just a bedroom.

I would like to recommend the book that I just finished. Having a slight obsession to shopping (mostly for shoes & craft related items and not so much for clothes)I thought that the author was very ingenious with her concept of getting people to help her out of a sticky situation. I even sent her money and a care package. It's a serious subject with a very funny and optimistic flair.

"Save Karyn - One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back" by Karyn Bosnak

The original website for Save Karyn

She made a mistake, found a solution and entertains you with her tale. A good read.

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Michelle said...

I love reading. James Patterson, Kellerman, Jefrey Deaver, John Sandford...if I had nothing else to do I could read a book everyday.