Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm In Love

If you are anything like me you hate to go to the gym. The hot humid sweaty air and the occasional person who is a firm believer in the benefits of garlic can add to the desire to just go home and veg instead of to the gym. That was the first 30 minutes of my workout last night. I scored the elliptical that I like, found the TV channel that I wanted to watch (I listen to an iPod) and started the 30 minutes of dreaded sweating. Not 5 minutes into my workout and I had a neighbor at the machine on my right. To say that the odor of garlic was strong was an understatement. Luckily for me this individual only did 20 minutes and my last minutes were garlic free. Since I had my heart pumping pretty good and didn't want to stop the cardio calorie burn but had enough of the elliptical I ventured to the back of the room and found the recumbent bikes. I AM IN LOVE!!!! If I could afford one of these puppies I would have one in my house right now. These bikes are AWESOME! The handlebars adjust forward and back. The seat had ARM RESTS! There was a fan, a book holder and a TV!! Despite all of this luxury I was able to keep my heart rate between 108 and 110. Not the great burn of the elliptical (118-126) but none the less I was still burning calories while watching tv and jamming to some tunes. This piece will definitely be added to my regular routine. So, 45 minutes of cardio, some weight lifting and then on home. I hope to soon have enough workout clothes to allow me to go 7 days a week and not have to worry about doing laundry in between. I will NOT be fat when I turn 50!

This isn't the exact machine but it is the best picture that I could find. The ones at the gym have the TV screen attached to the top of the machine readout display seen in the picture, this is the best visual that I could find.

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